About Us

Who are we?

Place and Space is part of group of businesses that focus on providing tools, services and advice to tenants, occupiers and owners of commercial property, leased and/or owned. The group has been operating for over 15 years and helps companies, determine their property requirements, deliver on these requirements and takes an active roll in the ongoing management of their clients’ portfolios.

Why Place and Space?

Place and Space was designed and developed in 2018 by property portfolio managers for their use. After 15 years of managing property portfolios (and even procuring property database systems on behalf of clients) they found it difficult to recommend a property database system that was easy to use, gave the “essential property information needed” and was cost effective. Before Place and Space, organisations were left with choosing between a system that either has:

  1. Too many features and is very costly; or
  2. Poor usability and is not well maintained though inexpensive.

Therefore, Place and Space was developed to fill this market void and solve a technology problem for organisations.

Are we committed to Place and Space’s future?

The owners of Place and Space use the system every day to manage their clients’ portfolios. Therefore, Place and Space is an integral component of the larger group. The owners are committed to maintaining, supporting and developing Place and Space into the future. Enhancements, improvements in user experience and new features will be continually rolled out to reinforce Place and Space as the most intuitive, functional and cost effective property database system in the market.