The Application

How Place and Space works

Place and Space is an intuitive and uncomplex system change designed for property and non-property people to use every day.

View and manage your property information

Once your property information is in Place and Space you can navigate quickly, view information and even add more. All information is stored against a property and can be searched also via a specific area, lease, tenant or landlord.

Store documents, certificates, notes and contacts

Copies of documents, notes that you create and relevant contacts can be entered into Place and Space. You will never lose another lease, certificate or invoice again!

View and act on your portfolio’s critical actions

Place and Space creates a list of critical actions and their relevant dates. These appear on the dashboard and can be ticked off when completed.

Create and download reports

Create reports using the interactive tool for all the properties, leases, areas, etc. within the portfolio and then print or download to excel or PDF.

How to get started

There are two ways for you to enter your property portfolio information into Place and Space:

  1. Place and Space can provide you a template – once complete the information is just simply loaded up. (Recommended for uploads of multiple properties and leases.)
  2. Enter the information into Place and Space directly. (Recommended for changes or new one-off property and lease entries.)

What is coming in the future

Here are some of the features we are planning right now.

Facility management module

A desktop and mobile powered feature that will allow staff to identify issues and lodge a ticket. In house or external property resources will then step through a process to fix and resolve the issue.

Financial module

The tool will allow the financial evaluation of the portfolio through each property’s costs and income and also provide accounting entries that can be loaded into a business’s enterprise system. A portfolio budget may also be created using the module.