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Property information made simple.

Place&Space is an intuitive and uncomplex web app designed for property and non-property people to use every day.

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What is Place&Space?

Established in 2018, Place&Space is a database web application created by Property Experts, who use the app daily. The app is super easy to learn and has all the features needed to manage a property portfolio without the ‘bells and whistles’ that are expensive and never used.

Manage Critical Dates

Manage upcoming lease expiries and annual rent reviews.

Simplicity is Key

Place&Space is intuitive and logical. Staff can learn and use the app without endless training.

Dynamic Reporting

Easily export your information to Excel, PDF or CSV.

Leased and owned property

Regardless your portfolio size, Place&Space has you covered.

Store Documents

Simply store property documents such as lease records, notices, floor plans and property images.


Place&Space is a secure cloud based app that is accessible via any PC or handheld device.