Why pay more for systems that have many features that are never used?

Place and Space offers a cost competitive system based on the size of a client’s portfolio. Our simplified pricing structure is below. There are no hidden costs.


Service Price
Establishment and initial data upload $1,500 to $4,000 depending on your portfolio’s size.
One off cost.
Place and Space system Price dependant on your portfolio’s size.
Paid monthly.
Data extrapolation Normally free of charge (for example, if you unfortunately decide to leave, we can provide a spreadsheet of your property data.)
More complex data extrapolation may require a fee.
Consulting services For other services or assistance we can discuss and agree a reasonable fixed fee.


What is included?

  1. Guidance through the system establishment and initial data upload including changes required to the data resulting from Place and Space errors.
  2. Initial half day training for all users.
  3. General customer support via a support desk.